Our Services Benefit The Following Clients

  • Architects
  • Attorneys
  • Contractors
  • Design Builders
  • Land Developers
  • Engineers
  • Homebuilders
  • Governmental Agencies
  • Redevelopment Entities
  • Special Districts

DAC has worked on projects in 17 states in the continental United States, but is primarily focused on serving clients in Southeast Texas.

Feasibility Studies

We offer our clients a clear understanding of the projects they are considering allowing companies to assess projects accurately before beginning design.

One of the most important aspects of an engineering project is the feasibility study. This study is designed to address the relevant factors to create a comprehensive cost vs. benefit picture, allowing companies to assess the project accurately before beginning design.

Our expertise in the preparation of feasibility studies allows us to offer our clients a clear understanding of the project they are considering.


We have a professional working relationship with local, state and federal agencies and utilize a proactive approach to obtain agency permits in a timely and efficient manner.

DAC provides permitting processing services from initial investigation through final permit processing and approval. DAC has established professional working relationships with local, state, and federal agencies, municipal utility districts, and other special districts.

DAC’s permit processing department utilizes a proactive work approach to obtain agency permits in a timely and efficient manner. DAC project coordinators, acting as liaisons between government agencies, project engineers, and clients prepare and package completed submittals in accordance with agency criteria.

Project coordinators are responsible for tracking the status of submittals, assisting the team in properly addressing agency comments, completing applications, and calculating fees which allow for a timely submittal to obtain necessary approvals.

Engineering Design

Civil Engineering Design is the backbone of DAC and we are familiar with highly technical issues and state of the art computer based tools essential to modern engineering.

Understanding and navigating the development approval process is critical to success. Familiarity with the highly technical issues and state-of-the-art computer-based tools that are essential to modern engineering. DAC can take a project through planning, preliminary design, and ultimately to the final design stage where the project is ready for bid and construction.

Construction Administration

We can save time and money on projects by applying proven administrative principles and techniques from pre-construction through to project close out.

Construction administration is a broad term encompassing a wide variety of activities. We can save time and money on projects by applying proven administrative principles and techniques from pre-construction through project closeout. Our typical services include conducting pre-construction and weekly project meetings, coordinating construction staking, overseeing contractor’s activities and material testing, tracking project quantities of materials, preparing necessary change orders and supplemental agreements, daily and weekly project diaries, preparing payment vouchers, completing State and Federal documentation and producing final documentation and as-builts.

Pre-Construction Conference and Schedules
  • Contract Administration
  • Requests for Information Response
  • Progress Reports
  • Change Order Reviews/Processing
  • Pay Requests and Labor Standard Report Reviews/Processing
Construction Inspections
  • Maintaining Daily Logs and Reports
  • Enforcement of Safety Regulations
  • Verifying Lines and Grades
  • Testing of Concrete and Steel Placement
  • Calculation of Quantities
  • Analysis and verification of contractor invoices
  • Field Measurements and Testing of In-Place Materials
Project Close-Out
  • Final Inspections and Punch List Preparation
  • Certifications of Completion
  • As-Built Record Drawings Preparation

Due Diligence

The cost and impact of an un-expected environmental, health, safety (EHS) and sustainability management rarely appear on the financial statements of a business. However, acquisitions and mergers can effect companies with unexpected EHS and sustainability liabilities. These costs can have a serious adverse impact to financial investments. Unplanned cleanup costs, regulatory penalties, or capital improvements can dramatically undermine the value of a
business transaction. Investors, private equity firms, institutions and corporations are increasingly seeking proof of robust liability management as part of their due diligence around mergers and acquisitions.

DAC Engineering, Inc. can assist all clients in identifying, quantifying and managing these liabilities. At DAC Engineering, Inc. we understand all business transactions have deadlines that must be met. We are committed to keeping transactions on track and making recommendations on all current and future liabilities.

Underground Storage Tanks

Whether it’s a Petroleum Underground Storage Tank (UST) or a Hazardous Waste Underground Storage Tank, undetected, it can create a huge liability. Our staff is highly experienced in identifying these USTs and all the associated liabilities. Undetected or missed USTs are one of the most common missed liabilities during any due diligence phase and they can often lead to substantial liabilities after sale of a property.

Our staff is licensed through Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to investigate and remediate UST contaminated sites. Through our network of highly qualified and licensed subcontractors, DAC Engineering, Inc. can oversee the installation or removal of USTs.

Asbestos Surveys, Abatements & Management

DAC Engineering, Inc. can conduct Asbestos Containing Building Material (ACBM) surveys to identify the quantity, location and the condition of the ACBMs.

We can assist our clients in either removal or abatement of the ACBMs.

Remediation Management

Companies with environmentally contaminated sites face significant regulatory, financial and reputational risks. Whether it involves long-term monitoring, active remediation, or working towards closure, the cleanup and management of contaminated sites is complex and costly. Even organizations with well-established remediation management systems and processes frequently experience increased costs due to unanticipated issues. This can be challenging for a number of reasons, including changing or unclear regulations, technically complex chemicals, and dynamic groundwater conditions. To safeguard compliance and asset value, organizations need to take a proactive approach to contaminated sites that enables them to safely eliminate, reduce or transfer associated liabilities while also communicating progress with relevant stakeholders.

DAC Engineering can assist our clients to address their most challenging contaminated sites throughout the entire remediation lifecycle. We support our clients with a range of capabilities including but not limited to, In-depth knowledge of toxicology, regulatory requirements, risk-based cleanup goals; knowledge of advanced remedial technologies, including thermal remediation, in situ stabilization, oxidation, and bio-remediation.

Site Investigation & Risk Assessment

Contaminated sites represent a major risk to the reputation and financial stability of a company. Getting a clear understanding of the scope of the issues based on a comprehensive investigation and characterization using the latest technologies and tools is critical. However, site investigation programs are often unnecessarily protracted due to the use of traditional tools and techniques. For the site owner, this not only means higher costs and greater disruption but also unreliable results.

DAC Engineering, Inc. has the experience to help organizations take a comprehensive and cost-effective approach to site characterization and risk assessment.

We can develop rigorous conceptual site models that provide an accurate picture of the geological, hydrogeologic conditions and contaminant distribution at complex sites. We leverage these insights to conduct results-driven risk assessments and help clients develop a robust and cost effective risk management strategy.


An effective audit program helps organizations manage identified risk, improve performance, and demonstrate their sustainability efforts to key stakeholders.

Audits can provide a tool for future investors /owners or for existing owners to identify any shortfalls in meeting regulatory requirements and recommendations for correcting these identified shortfalls.

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans

Water availability and quality is a growing global challenge for many organizations as they struggle to meet regulatory requirements, stem rising costs, reduce impacts, and ensure business sustainability. Under the federal Clean Water Act and all in accordance with state regulatory agencies regulations, it is a requirement to prepare and implement a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) prior to commencement of any construction activity.

DAC Engineering, Inc. has a vast amount of experience in assisting our clients for preparation, implementation and compliance of SWPPP requirements.